An ISO 9001-2000


An ISO 9001-2000 Certified Company
Rigid Pipes

Soft Annealed steel pipes of CDW and Seamless Pipes, with or without fittings with bends as per Customers requirement ,for Rigid pipe lines application, for Automobile and Industrial.

Fittings : Banjo, Male, Female, Flange Braised or flared type.

Size : 4 mm to 33 mm outer dia.
Copper Tubing  
Soft Annealed Copper Tube Suitable For Low To Medium Pressure Application. Due To Its Flexibility, Bending Of the Tube In Restricted Areas is Possible. Copper Tube available in Blends And Fittings As Per Customers requirement, With Fittings of Male & Female Nuts, Banjo Tee, with Braized,Ferrule, or Flared ends.
Bundy Tubing  
Bundy Tubes Are Double Walled Copper Braized Tubes (DWCB), Having Great Strength And Ductility And Also High Resistance To Vibration Fagtigue. It Is Idealy Used For Brake Systems In Automobiles, Lubrication, Pneumatics Etc. Available In Bends And Fittings as per Customers Requirement, With Fittings Of Male & female Nuts, Banjo Tee, with Braized,Ferrule, of Flared Ends.

Size : -4.7,6,8 & 10 mm.
Fuel Injection pipes  
:- Soft annealed Seamless Pipes for Fuel Injection Application in Automobiles and every Diesel Engine, with bends as per Engine?s requirements. The ends are formed by off setting. The pipes are redrawn from Imported DIN Specification Tubes.
    We have developed jacketed Fuel Injection Pipes for Marines application.

Size : ID ? 1.5,1.75,2.0,2.25 mm

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