An ISO 9001-2000


An ISO 9001-2000 Certified Company
About Us
Cee Dee Industries was established in 1983 at Bhopal Madhya Pradesh India. Manufacturing all types of Hoses,with a definite Aim to cover the country from the centre and cater to the export market.
As a manufacturer our aim is to produce quility products at a competitive price and as a supplier we have commitment to cater to our customers needs within the shortest time.

At our plant we do not believe in sub contracting. We have all the required facilities in house.
In our product range of assembled hoses. we have
Hydraulic Hoses  
Low ,Medium,High and Super High Pressure Hoses.
Industrial Hoses  
Air, Water, Sand Blast, Furnace Coolant Etc
Metallic Hoses  
Stainless Steel Corrugated, Bellows, Galavanised Pipe.
PVC Pipes  
Thermoplastics, Suction, Delivery, Flexible and Duct, PTFE(Teflon) Hoses-plain and Corrugation.
Rigid Pipes  
Bend Tubes, ,Bundy, Brake Pipe, Fuel Injection and High Pressure Seamless Pipes.
With Fittings and Bends  
as per customers requirements ,fittings-Bite type-Tee,Elbow,Straight,QRC,Camlock,Adaptors,etc.
Our plant is well equipped with the latest Equipment, Trained and experienced staff to cater to all our customers Requirements.
We have been as ISO Certified Co. Since 1998
Life of Hose
There are many factors on which the life of a hose depends.
The hose should always be installed in a not too tight position. Correct length should be used, Bends/Elbows should be used to avoid too tight position.
Install the correct rating of hose. Continuous over pressuring the hose is likely to give shorter life.
Bend Radius The Fitment should also be such that the hose is not bend beyond the specified parameters.
The working fluid should be compatible to the hose used.
Subjecting the hose to over the specified Temp. will call for premature failure . Use our special braids for high ambient temperature applications

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